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Why are KIRKSAETER SPEAKERS so outstanding?
KIRKSAETER are European, handmade products of outstanding quality and reliability. For more than 45 years KIRKSAETER has stood for innovative, progressive Audio constructions. They are the world's first produced transistorized amplifier using complementary output transistors, and the first not to use a bass reducing protection condenser in the output. Per Kirksaeter was the first to use symmetric voltage supply and modular technology; the first to make a FM-tuner with the incredible sensitivity of 0.4 Micro volt; probably also the first one to construct a small compact monitor speaker with full bass response. By these, he gave the innovation standard for the Audio and High End industry to come. Patents and Awards prove this. His company AUDIOSON was a cofounder of The German High Fidelity institute that in the early sixties worked out the base for the later international standard DIN 45 500.

In the early eighties KIRKSAETER introduced speakers with a sealed electrets microphone glued to its voice coils and with build in power amplifiers. The microphone and its diaphragm move corresponding to the speaker, give a true sound picture of the speaker back to the amplifier where a comparator that compares with the origin signal from the amplifier, and correct signal differences in milliseconds. For this construction, KIRKSAETER got an award on the Consumer Electronic Show in Chicago as one of the most innovative products of the year 1985.

The constantly optimized products result in higher technical innovation, product quality and better value. Kirksaeter's knowledge of amplifiers and speakers is normally not found in a speaker company. "Squaring the circle" is the way the Norwegian born Audio Designer, Per Kirksaeter, comes up with unconventional and creative design that give their  owners liability and pleasure for decades

Is your sound system too crowded?

Then get the speakers and cables off your floors and into your walls!                            
Silverstrike & Silversound
New Silversound/Silverstrike Inwall & In-Ceiling 6.5/8
Inwall 90

Silverline Inwall 60/90
Inwall 120

Inwall Center 150

Silverline Inwall
Center SLC 150

$549 each
In the picture of the Silverline 60 Inwall (above) - What you see on your wall is a white painted wooden frame with textile.

When you cut a hole into your drywall to install an Inwall speaker, the stability of the wall reduces correspondingly; rattling and distortion is the result. The patent pending MDF Kirksaeter Inwall System is the only Inwall speaker system that restores and improves the strength of your drywall, making it stronger and airtight. These systems improve the deep bass response substantially and eliminate the distortion. Therefore, Kirksaeter Silverline Inwall models sound just as excellent as the cabinet version of the same speaker. Look up the model pages and learn how anybody can install the KIRKSAETER Inwalls and tune them acoustically correct in less than 20 minutes!

SILVERLINE 220 Black/solid Mahogany
Height 49x W 9.25 x D 10.5  $ 2,299/pair

Silverline 120
SILVERLINE 120 Black/solid Mahogany
Height 35,5xW9,25xD10,5  $ 1,699/pair

The SILVERLINE Cabinet Models

The SILVERLINE Technology is based experiences and technology direction in the last 45 years. We also researched new processes to achieve breakthroughs in projects where the progress has stopped. On most speakers the midrange cone is smaller and lighter than the woofer cone in order to react fast enough on the very fast and strong dynamic impulses.

Therefore, there is a difference of reaction time and radiation of sound, between the bass- and midrange drivers that leads to a time distortion. Soloists will ping pong between the two cones of different weight that respond with different speed. The sound picture changes correspondingly

To avoid these limitations, we have made the Silverline models very strong with light fibre cones that work from the deepest bass up to 5000 Hz. We acoustically seal one and use it as a midrange and we use the other one as a bass driver. The crossover separates with only 6 dB to provide a full equally balanced sound from the lowest bass note to the highest of the midrange. The drivers have a rubber surround to provide mechanical and climatic stability for many, many years that a foam surround cannot provide.

The rounded MDF-front of the cabinet has a solid mahogany trim to minimize the turbulence when the sound waves leave the cabinet front and flow around the cabinet. The tweeter is a high class that is normally used in products that are much hiher priced than SILVERLINE. The tweeter disperses with an angel of 160 degrees. Therefore, SILVERLINE is easier to place correctly into the room.

Enthusiasts often invest in high quality cables. The cables inside the SILVERLINE become very important. Therefore, we use gold-plated biwiring terminals and the finest silver-plated cables, made in Switzerland, with up to 511 silver plated threads spun into one single lead. No music details or dynamics are lost. The consumer does not need to think about an expensive re-cabling of his Silverline

Silverline 90

Optional matching black with red mahogany spiked stands available Silverline 60

This Center speaker is for use in a Home Theatre installation near to the TV to fill the sound hole between the two front speakers. All driver elements are magnetic shielded to protect your TV

Silverline 150b Center
H16.5xW9,25xD10.5 $1199/pair
SILVERLINE 60 Mini Monitor
H11.5 xW7.5xD10.5$849/pair
H7.9xW18.2xD7.1$549 each

PRISMA, The Sophisticated Audiophile Line with the very high value for the money.
Prisma 210
PRISMA 210 Tower several finishes Height 41.5"xW9.25"xD10.5"  $ 1599/pair

Prisma 110
PRISMA 110 Tower several finishes
Height 33.6 x W9.25 xD10.25  $1099/pair

Prisma Center 105
PRISMA Center speaker 105
Height 7.9 x W18.2 x D10.25 $ 369 each
Prisma is a line of speakers that has received many accoladesc from being the Best Buy, to being elected as the Loud-Speaker of the Year in Norway. We have set our highest priority to using parts and features that have a strong positive influence to the sound quality, and we have left out less important features that substantially increase the price.

The most important improvement to the new PRISMA is the very special midrange driver in which the cone and the surround is moulded in one piece. Its installed and tested in its own dampened housing. Free from edge distortion, the midrange has an incrediblely clear and widely open sound. The crossover network becomes an extra filter that depresses the resonance peaks so they cannot negatively inflate the airy, widely open and soft treble sound of the silk dome tweeter. The dispersion angle 160 degrees allows you to fully enjoy all the music details wherever you are in the room. These improvements set new standards in the price classes of PRISMA.

All the PRISMA models have the same outstanding tweeter. Therefore, you can combine all models in a Home Theatre System, and sit where you like. You can even combine any PRISMA with any Silverline speaker.

Because PRISMA has a very high efficiency PRISMA draw less power from your amplifier than the most other speakers do. When electing PRISMA you should elect a model one number larger than estimated and the amplifier one number smaller than normal. Then you will have a system with the optimum value of your investment

PRISMA 55 Mini Bookshelf available in several finishes.
Height 11.5"xW7.1"xD9.1"  $ 559/pair

The picture shows how the cabinet is angled shape. The cabinet has three textile covered grill. On the front it covers the two bass-reflex tubes whereas the sides are taken off    Height 11.5xW 13.5xD6.9
$ 599 each

A picture of the Silverline Dipole/Bipole 60    Height 12xW 13xD 7
$ 749 each

These speakers are unique, with many functions normally not found in a loudspeaker. The speaker cabinet consists of two speaker chambers, each containing one independent speaker system connected to its own cable terminal. Depending how the cables are connected, the speaker fills a number of different functions. It can hang on the wall and because of the disperse angle of 160 degrees it also does a fine job when attached to the ceiling.
... Used For Stereo Speaker
The left and the right channel of the amplifier are connected to the two cable terminals of the speaker. Because the speaker cabinet has angled sides, you will hear left and right channel at the same time and enjoy full stereo. This sound makes it unique in many installations. You can use it on your computer desk or if you have a long bar where people sit close to the speaker, use several and you will enjoy full stereo wherever you sit on the bar. Correspondingly, when you hang several of them in the ceiling you will have full stereo all over the place, even in a large restaurant.

... Used For Home Theatre
For home theatres, connect left and right rear amplifier cable to the speaker, hang it on the wall behind your seating area, or in the ceiling, and you will enjoy full sounds with one cabinet instead of using two rear speakers.

Because the two speaker system has its own cable terminal, you connect both terminals in serial and in phase for either bipolar use or you reverse the phase by one speaker for the dipolar use.

The speaker Stand
Is made of MDF and painted black. It is rich and nicely designed with a strip of mahogany wood in the front of the feet. All speaker cables are fed through the feet and are hidden. Two sets of spikes are supplied, one for the foot plate and one for the speaker plate, the latter angled 15 degrees for a better dispersion of the sound. It may be used with Silverline 60, 90, Prisma 55, or Dipole/Bipole 55 and any other speaker of that size.

The Silver plated speaker cable
The cable is Swiss made with high precision. 511 silver coated threads are spun together to one perfect leader to get a maximum of surface size and a minimum of resistance against the finest and the lowest dynamic impulses. This cable may be purchases separately to match your connecting cables to ours.

Tuomas Huttunen

Tuomas Huttunen is a viola player in the famous Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in 1882, the oldest active in Scandinavia. It has performed concerts in most all European countries and has made four concert tours to USA and to Japan. Finlands top orchestra, the world-acclaimed Helsinki Philharmonic under the baton of their charismatic chief conductor Leif Segerstam... (Evening Chronicle/United Kingdom). This is a superb orchestra, and its most striking qualities are the richness and solidity of its bass and the dark gleam of its brass. (The New York Times). The orchestra was in top form, it sounds brilliant. (Wiener Kurier/Austria)

By listening to the Silverline 60 on the High End 02 in Helsinki, he comments: I tried to find the subwoofer. I could not believe my ears, listening to a full brilliance and dynamic, but my eyes see only these little tiny speakers. The sound separates all the instruments, ideal when Tuomas is relaxing with some jazz or funky music.  Like many other experts around the world, he became a fan of the Mini Monitor Silverline 60. During Helsinki High End 2003 the orchestra had played in Bucharest, so, he came directly from the airport to listen and get an additional pair of the floor standing Silverline 220 to enjoy even the most complex passages in large scale orchestral music at authentic volume levels. We had the fear that Silverline 220 could be too large for his 22 square meter living room. They are not. Now, Tuomas Huttunen is a proud owner of a pair of Silverline 220 that brings him a new dimension of music pleasure into his home and lets him relax when he returns from stressful concerts or travels

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