Silverline Inwall 90
The new KIRKSAETER SILVERLINE cabinet models are ready for the digital 21. Century, are you?
If you decide to buy new speakers now, be sure that you purchase speakers of the latest construction being able to handle the enormous dimension of sound coming out of the new digital media now available. New formats or languages make Computers, TV, CD, digital camcorders and cameras able to talk the same language. A black box in your home will feed the sound of all those sources to your amplifier that controls your Stereo- or Home Theater sound system.

This new sound has many times more dynamic and details than earlier days. New recording devices able you to download your latest hit from your present program and make your own CDís like you make your music cassettes now. To be able to enjoy this new dimension of sound you need very special speakers like the new KIRKSAETER SILVERLINE models. Listen to KIRKSAETER at your dealer and you will understand why.

When you select KIRKSAETER SILVERLINE you also invest in a future modular system where all models are designed to work perfectly together in all possible combinations whether you have a two channel stereo system or seven channel Home Theater System.

Why is SILVERLINE so outstanding?
Since the end of the fifties KIRKSAETER stands for outstanding quality, reliability and progressive constructions, like the world's first production amplifier with complementary transistors and modular technology. Patents and Awards prove this. Squaring the circle is the way he comes up with unconventional and creative design. By constantly optimizing the magic triangle, the result is higher Technical innovation, Product quality and better value for money. This is the reason why he as one of the last Pioneers in High End Audio, still maintaining his position in today's global competition.

Below we show how fast and easy this patent pending system works, no special skills needed, all parts and hardware included. All you need is a knife, a drill and a screwdriver.

The above drawing with text shows the drawing of a drywall. Studs are set up between floor and ceiling. On both sides there are ĹĒ thick sheets of drywall fastened to the studs. The room between the plates may be filled with isolation material that is taken out in the size of the speaker. The speaker cable is mostly placed on the floor behind the floor molding and placed by a hole in the wall to the backside of the wall up to the speaker. The speaker has screw terminals for correct connecting either as 2-channel or as biwiring.

When you unpack the system that is delivered assembled in its box so to avoid use of plastic packing material, please disassemble it and store the MDF white decoration plate and the white textile frame in the box until the job is done. If you prefer you may repaint the wooden frame in selected color; there is no plastic to worry about. The white textile is fastened with hot glue. By use of a soldering gun it comes off and you may re-glue your own selected textile for perfect color match to the wall.

The baffle is the template for the hole in the wall, the two part fixing frame with assembly pins is the template to place in this hole for drilling the fixing screw holes. These two MDF pieces are screwed to the wall one the inside, the baffle from the outside, and now the wall is better than before! Correspondingly, you get rid of wall rattling and distortion. The bass reproduction is secured and you get the same result as the cabinet models in most cases. If the air volume of the wall is very large, close one or two bass reflex openings and retune to an infinitive baffle system - thatís all!

Inwall construction consists of 4 parts:

Baffle with all drivers, also used as template for the hole:
Width x Depth x Height in cm:        22.4  x .16 x 34.9        
Width x Depth x Height In inch         8 13/16 x 5/8 x 13/11/16

Baffle & fixing frame press the wall by use of threaded screws.
2 part fixing frame for installation on backside of the wall, sizes

Width x Depth x Height in cm:         39   x .8 x  26.5        
Width x Depth x Height In inch     15 5/8 x 3.0 x 10 7/16

MDF White decoration frame, may be repainted as needed:   
Width x Depth x Height in cm:         27.2   x .17 x 39.7        
Width x Depth x Height In inch     10 7/16 x 7/16 x 15 5/8    
White textile inner cover frame:    textile easy to change.   
Connection terminal:        Screw term, Biwiring option
Internal wiring:            High End silver plated cable
Depth of system is measured including baffle.

TECHNICAL DATA         SILVER LINE 90    INWALL     Type of speaker:                  Compact bookshelf    
Music peak power:               150 Watts peak
Music impulse power:            90 Watts   
Continuous power rating, DIN: 60 Watts    
Efficiency 1 Watt, 1 Meter      90 dB
Frequency response:             35 - 25 000 Hz    
Recommended amplifier:        20 - 60 Watts     
Crossover Frequencies:          2,300 Hz, double two way
Impedance:                           4 - 8 Ohms        
Woofer, long excursion:         19 cm coated fiber cone
Midrange:                             none       
Tweeter:                               25 mm soft metal Dome
Weight net                            5 kg, 12 Lbs

Download PDF version of this data sheet here